Bolivian Dormant volcano at  5,321 msnm

Bolivian Dormant volcano at 5,321 msnm

by Grisel Jimenez Soto, Malaysia

Tunupa Volcano is located in the center of the Andean Plateau, or Southern Altiplano of Bolivia, and stands at an elevation of 5.3 kilometers (3.3 miles). The volcano is a composite cone, which is usually covered by lava flows, pyroclastic deposits and mudflows. Having been dormant for around 1.4 million years, Tunupa is now considered inactive. Its slopes are indented with valleys formed by ancient glaciers and streams, and there are lava flows and domes on the eastern side of the volcano. Moreover, it is placed close to other eroded volcanic fields and craters such as Jayu Khota and Titivilla.