Not a swimming pool, but the deadly 'Celestine Pool'

by Jennifer Ziesch, State Authority for Mining, Energy and Geology, Hannover, Germany

This short video shows the 'Celestine Pool' located in the lower geysir basin of the Yellowstone National Park, USA. This small pool is characterised by superheated boiling due to geysir activity. The hot springs of the thermal areas are bubbling cauldrons of steam and boiling water, most of them hotter than 150°F, and many of them in the 185-205°F range. (Due to its elevation, water boils at about 198°F in Yellowstone.) As beautiful as the 'Celestine Pool' looks, it is as deadly it could be. In June 2016, a 23-year old man died after falling into a boiling, acidic hot spring in the Yellowstone National Park. Visitors to Yellowstone should never leave the trails!