On the way back from Antarctica

On the way back from Antarctica

by Baptiste Gombert, IPGS / EOST, Strasbourg, France

After 2 months of fieldwork on the Concordia and Dumont D'Urville bases in Antarctica, I boarded the Astrolabe vessel heading back to Hobart, Tasmania. The aim of the mission was to maintain the seismological stations of the French network Geoscope. Broad-band seismometers are used to compute tomographical images of the Earth, hence revealing its interior structure. The denser the stations location are, the better the accuracy of the models is. Thus, the Antarctic seismological stations are crucial to provide a decent of the southern hemisphere, and in particular the Indian Ocean.
After several weeks of harsh conditions, I was rewarded with the wonders offered by the beginning of this (long) cruise to home.

Shot with a Canon EOS1000D ,10-18mm Canon lens, 10mm focal length, f/10, 1/160s, and ISO 200