Aerial Halo & Glory

Aerial Halo & Glory

by Daniele Cataldi, Radio Emissions Project, Lariano, Italy

Recording made November 16, 2014, on the outskirts of SW Arce (FR). The Drone (DJI Phantom 2 Vision +) has been done to raise at an altitude of about 230 meters above of which the thick and dense fog thinned to leave a glimpse of the clear sky and the view silhouetted in the distance. Occasions such as these are always suggestive and have the opportunity to show us what they normally would not be possible to observe. In this case the Drone was made to land after the short flight, due to the high humidity of the air that could interact seriously with the electronic board.

The photos taken over the mantle cloudy emphasize a particular phenomenon: Subsun and Subparelio.

During the upward climb the Drone is able to capture the bright halo generated by sunlight grazing which is able to penetrate the top layers of dense thick cloud about 160 meters. The phenomenon is extremely rare to observe flashy and without the aid of a remotely piloted aerial means.