Life through a magnifying lens

Life through a magnifying lens

by Eliza Teodorescu

Life on Earth is simply amazing. We might sometimes forget this fact but all around us are amazing displays of Nature's creativity. Like the subject of this photography. A quite common butterfly in Romania (Coenonympha tullia), one might not even spare it a second glance. So small and fragile and yet it is equipped with false eyes to appear larger and fend off predators, it's colored in such a way to blend perfectly into the scenery but still
appear attractive to potential partners and it even grew itself some hair to protect it from the cold. The picture was captured in the Retezat Mountains (a group of the Carpathians in Romania) in June 17th, 2012 at 1/200s exposure time and ISO 100.
Equipment: Canon EOS1000D, 50mm Sigma macro-lens at F/4.