Transit of Venus over the Sun

Transit of Venus over the Sun

by Eliza Teodorescu

The object of this photo is the transit of planet Venus in front of the Sun which took place on June 6th 2012 and was the last event of this kind for the next 243 years! This is a very rare event with respect to human life span and it happens in pairs, 8 years apart, with a repeatability of more than two centuries.
The picture was captured on the shore of the Black Sea, in Vama Veche, Romania. While the Sun was rising
from an undulating sea and a big mass of clouds, the transit was already in full development, as seen in
this frame shot soon after sunrise. The turbulence in the heated morning air distorts the image and
gives the impression of ragged boundaries of the Sun and Venus.
Technical details: 1/400s exposure time at ISO 100.
Equipment: Canon EOS 1000D, Skywatcher 90 mm F/12 Maksutov telescope mounted on an equatorial mount.