Travelers through our Universe

by Eliza Teodorescu

Dark cloudless nights always bring a new perspective of what lies just outside our windows. At a glimpse, it might seem as everything is still but wait a while and witness the Universe in motion. Up into the Carpathian mountains, away from light pollution and city-smog, the Milky Way seems so close that you could almost touch it. Clouds roll in and out of the scenery occasionally reflecting the lights from the ground in a multitude of colors enchanting to the eye.
From this vantage point, the whitish mist covering the lower sub-Carpathian hills is peeking from between the trees. And, up into the high layers of the atmosphere, the greenish air-glow slowly creeps into view.
Nothing about the night is still and everything is exhilarating.
Equipment: Canon EOS 550D with 8 mm Samyang fish-eye lens at F/3.5. The movie is assembled from 82 long exposure frames of 90 seconds each (that is a little over 2 hours of exposure compressed in a span of 5 seconds). The camera was mounted on an equatorial mount set to compensate the motion of the Earth around it's axis so that the sky appears still.
Location: Cota 1000, Bucegi (Carpathian Mountains), Romania, August 2nd, 2013