Where Mountains Meet the Sea

Where Mountains Meet the Sea

by Glenn Strypsteen, KU Leuven, Bruges, Belgium

Skagsanden beach is a stunning destination located in the Lofoten archipelago in Norway. This beautiful white sandy beach stretches for 800 meters and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and crystal-clear waters.

From a geological standpoint, Skagsanden beach is a fascinating site. It is believed that the beach was formed by the erosive power of the sea, which shaped and sculpted the coastline over thousands of years. The unique geological features found here include sedimentary rocks and glacial deposits that are a testament to the region's rich geological history.

In addition to its geological significance, Skagsanden beach is also a popular spot for wildlife enthusiasts. Visitors can often spot sea eagles, otters, and even seals basking in the sun on the nearby rocks.