Field-Shakedown at McMurdo Ice Shelf

Field-Shakedown at McMurdo Ice Shelf

by Ole Zeising, Alfred-Wegener-Institut, Bremerhaven, Germany

Preparation is everything when going on an expedition to Antarctica. Arriving in Antarctica via McMurdo Station, the final training is called shakedown. The aim of the shakedown is to spend a night on the McMurdo Ice Shelf for equipment testing and crevasse rescue training. In mid-November the temperatures were still quite cold and so was the night with -25°C – but no problem thanks to sleeping bags that keep you warm.
The photo shows Rebecca who is preparing the ground to set up a new Scott pyramid tent like the yellow one on the middle ground. In the background you can see the southernmost active volcano Mt Erebus (3794 m) and a halo around the sun.

Finalist in the EGU Photo Competition 2023