Morning view of volcanoes in Java, Indonesia

Morning view of volcanoes in Java, Indonesia

by Naveen Ragu Ramalingam, IUSS Pavia, Pavia, Italy

Tengger Caldera is a volcanic complex consisting of five overlapping stratovolcanoes(Mts. Batok, Bromo, Kursi, Watangan and Widodaren) forming out of the ancient volcano Tengger dating back to about 820,000 years ago situated in East Java, Indonesia.

In this panoramic view are visible Mt.Batok(in the front an inactive volcano with lush green vegetation on its rises), Mt.Bromo(smaller pyroclastic cone left of Mt.Batok) , Widodaren Caldera (visible on the right of Mt.Batok) with the other mountains not visble in this view all lie on the large Tengger sand sea covered by the clouds in the morning. Lastly, Mt.Semeru the tallest and most active volcano in Java also visible at the back.

Finalist in the EGU Photo Competition 2022