Flamingos in the Rianzuela lagoon (south of Seville, Spain)

Flamingos in the Rianzuela lagoon (south of Seville, Spain)

by Antonio Jordán, University of Seville, Sevilla, Spain

The Rianzuela Lagoon is formed by the Majalberraque stream and is a wetland of high ecological value, in the surroundings of the Doñana Natural Park. Currently, the volume of water is regulated for flood control. The lagoon is the refuge of a population of aquatic birds whose composition varies according to the day time, the season and the water volume or weather conditions.
A diversity of bird species live here: flamingos, black terns, spoon bills, red-crested pochards, white-headed ducks, mallards, red-knobbed coots, dabnicks, common moorhens, great crested grebes and black-tailed godwits.
There is also the main white stork breeding colony of Europe, a colony of raptors (red kites and booted eagles) and an important refuge point for the Iberian lynx.