The Inner Water in the Middle Magdalena Valley

The Inner Water in the Middle Magdalena Valley

by Maria Cristina Arenas Bautista

The importance of characterize the water systems (surface water and groundwater) is based in the implicit need of communities to survive and develop. Water as a vital subject for sustainable development is determinant for social and economic development, water also is a main concern when climate changing are faced. Given this situation, the water resource is constituted as the main link between society and the environment, and thus, it generates the need for conciliate the water demands. This impose the necessity for works and methods that allow to understand the behavior of water systems, and also to foresee several explanations to their complex behavior. Within those systems, groundwater flow in shallow aquifers are part of the hydrological cycle, and they are affected by variability in recharge processes and by human intervention. In the last years, water (mainly groundwater) has emerged as an important topic given the increase in activities that requires provisioning from a water source.
Water supply to communities, agricultural development, mining, industry, and exploration and production of O&G have led to seek different techniques that provide information in specific scales. These techniques have analyzed the water systems based in simulations,
transformations, mathematical expressions, numeric models, and geo-statistical correlations, without focusing in obtaining equivalent models and parameters that can be totally reliable to represent different conditions.