HAZE, it’s complicated…

HAZE, it’s complicated…

by Isaac Kerlow, Art-Science-Media, Los Angeles, United States of America

The award-winning documentary feature "HAZE, it’s complicated…" widens the conversation about peat haze pollution by bringing together a wide range of voices. This 70-minute film (along with its shorter 50-min. version Peat-Palm-Haze) presents scientific facts about the burning of the peatlands, oil palm farming, haze pollution and reforestation. The film also presents a variety of opinions and points of view from local and regional stakeholders, scientific researchers and local activists. It won BEST FEATURE at KLEFF 2018, the International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival, in Malaysia the country with the largest palm oil production in the world. (Film Completed: January 2018.)

Watch the 47-minute version here: