Block of Tonalite, Amphibolite, Migmatite, and Granodiorite

Block of Tonalite, Amphibolite, Migmatite, and Granodiorite

by Metwally Hamza, Research Assistant in the field of geology with international published research papers. Academically interested in cosmic geology & planetary sciences. Geology fiend who likes to take photos of nature & geological features, Egypt

- Block of four different rocks;
1- Tonalite.
2- Amphibolite.
3- Migmatite.
4- Granodiorite.

- Tonalite is an igneous, plutonic, intrusive, felsic rock. With phaneritic texture. Feldspar is present as plagioclase (oligoclase or andesine). With 10% or less alkali feldspar. Quartz is present as more than 20% of the rock. The accessory minerals may be amphibole and pyroxene.

- Amphibolite is a metamorphic rock that contains amphibole, hornblende, and actinolite, as well as plagioclase. With little or no quartz. It is typically dark-colored and dense, with a schistose or flaky structure.

- Migmatite is a composite rock found in medium and high-grade metamorphic environments.

- Granodiorite is an intrusive, igneous rock, similar to granite, but containing more plagioclase feldspar than orthoclase feldspar. With a phaneritic texture.

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