The vertical red sea of Ereño is called Cantera Gorria

The vertical red sea of Ereño is called Cantera Gorria

by Laura Damas Mollá

Construction and ornamental stones are important elements of cultural heritage and identity and shape the urban landscape of the territories. Red Ereño is an urgonian limestone (Lower Cretaceous) with abundant rudist fossil shells, which white colours highlight on an intense red micritic matrix. This stone is exploited since Roman times and it is found in many buildings, both heritage and common. Its uniqueness has contributed to its expansion worldwide and, it can be found in such emblematic places as the Colon Theatre in Buenos Aires (Argentina) or St Peter´s basilica in the Vatican (Italy).
The main quarry related to Red Ereño is called Cantera Gorria (meaning Red Quarry). Nevertheless, on its exploitation fronts outstanding geologic resources are recognised: stratigraphic (bioconstructions, facies changes), petrologic (diagenesis, mineralisations), tectonic (series verticality, faults) or geomorphologic (karst).
In the case of Red Ereño and Cantera Gorria the symbiosis between geoheritage and cultural heritage is significant.