Mud Cracks Attractive Outcrop

Mud Cracks Attractive Outcrop

by Metwally Hamza, Research Assistant in the field of geology with international published research papers. Academically interested in cosmic geology & planetary sciences. Geology fiend who likes to take photos of nature & geological features, Egypt

- Mud Cracks, one of the most attractive geological views, that's formed due to the effect of the solar heat on the active mud. Mean by the adjective "active" that the mud is not be shown to the dryness or the aridity yet. But, when it's shown to the solar heat, it gradually loses the contained water and aqueous solution by evaporating processes, with no recharged water instead of that was lost by these previous processes, then it will be dry by aridity, so the mud takes this exposure and state.

⁃ Taken and published by Geologist Metwally Hamza,
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