Ortho-Conglomerate (Sedimentary Clastic Rock)

Ortho-Conglomerate (Sedimentary Clastic Rock)

by Metwally Hamza, Research Assistant in the field of geology with international published research papers. Academically interested in cosmic geology & planetary sciences. Geology fiend who likes to take photos of nature & geological features, Egypt

- Hand-Sample of Clast-Support Ortho-Conglomerate, it has up to 15% of the matrix.

- conglomerate is divided into two main types:
* Clast-Support Ortho-Conglomerate that has up to 15% of the matrix.
* Matrix-Support Para-Conglomerate that has less than 15% of the matrix.

- The blue-marked grains in the picture refer to an important morphological feature of conglomerate, is that conglomerate has rounded grains in microscopic slides and hand-samples.

⁃ Taken and published by Geologist Metwally Hamza,
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