Carbonatic Pillars Exposure

Carbonatic Pillars Exposure

by Metwally Hamza, Research Assistant in the field of geology with international published research papers. Academically interested in cosmic geology & planetary sciences. Geology fiend who likes to take photos of nature & geological features, Egypt

Alnog mountains of "El-Galala Marine Plateau New Road", Eastern-north of Cairo, Egypt, Northern Africa, Africa. There is awesome exposure of "Carbonatic Pillars", or may be called "Stalagmites and Stalactites". Factly, "Pillars" are formations of origin "Stalagmites and Stalactites", but when it attach to each other from up to down, called "Pillars". As noted, there is some white-coloured of powder, because it's formed from "Calcium Carbonates". Unexpectedly, this caves aren't sub-studied and discovered yet. By this, we can expect that may be some caves and unknown formations into.

⁃ Taken and published by Geologist Metwally Hamza,
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