Mt Hilliers, at the Core of the Henry Mountains

Mt Hilliers, at the Core of the Henry Mountains

by Robert Emberson

In 1877 the USGS published a report "On the Geology of the Henry Mountains", on the small range of peaks in southern Utah. Up to that point, little scientific study had been made of the unassuming peaks, but the author of the report, one Grove Karl Gilbert, not only detailed the structure and mineralogy of the landscape, but in doing so also laid the foundations for much of modern geomorphology.

While beautiful, the range is isolated and of limited economic value; Gilbert himself notably wrote that "No one but a geologist will ever profitably seek out the Henry Mountains", while the name given to the range by the Navajo is Dził Bizhiʼ Ádiní, literally meaning “mountain whose name is missing”. And yet, the wildness of the range is sufficient attraction for some - this is Mt Hilliers, at the centre of the 5 peak range.

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