Greenland’s ice flow into the Arctic Ocean

Greenland’s ice flow into the Arctic Ocean

by Moctar Dembélé

This picture unveils the magnificence of the Sermiligaarsuk Fjord located in southwest Greenland, approximately 70km SW of Paamiut and 170km WNW of Narsarsuaq. The area is situated on the rugged West Greenland coast. Steep-sided cliffs rise to 500-900m elevation alongside the deep fjord and run for 30km to the inland ice. The landscape consists of barren plateaus and ridges and lightly vegetated valleys, with frequent ribbon-like lakes in between. There is around 75% exposure, with weathered bedrock and light scrub forming the only cover.
The climate is alpine and the weather typically very variable. I was fortunate enough to have a clear blue sky and to take this photo when my flight from Amsterdam to Boston was flighing at an altitude of 9937m above the region in October 2017.
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