Corono Lava Tube, Cueva de los Verdes,  Lanzarote

Corono Lava Tube, Cueva de los Verdes, Lanzarote

by Vikram Unnithan, Jacobs University Bremen, Bremen, Germany

A very nice image of a single lava tube (top) and its reflection (bottom) in a subterranean pool of water. The lava tube is in the order of 8 m in height and over 5 m in width. Given this is a bit of tourist attraction, there must be more similar such photos on the internet. Our primary interest was to study planetary analogs. For an interesting publication on the geology/biology of the lava tubes see:
Data/images were collected in the framework of the ESA PANGAEA-X testing campaign held in November 2017: acknowledge ESA for organising the campaign and providing scientific and logistic assistance on site. The authors/image submitted would like also to thank the Geopark of Lanzarote, the touristic center of Cueva de Los Verdes, the Cabildo of Lanzarote, the National Park of Timanfaya and the IGEO-CSIC-UCM for providing the necessary support/permits.