Lower Cretaceous relics

Lower Cretaceous relics

by Alessandro Righetti

Calcareous stratification in Conero area.
The Conero mountain represents the easternmost anticline of the Appenine Orogeny, which developed during several tectonic stages since Cenozoic (~65 Ma).
These pure Pelagic calcareous were exposed during the last sea level high-stand that eroded the surrounded tertiary deposits.
A site of interest, Mone Conero suffered a Paleo-landslide that formed entirely the beaches of Portonvo where nowadays tourists enjoy their holidays.
The promontory has an important geologic interest since different boundaries are present like the Eocene-Oligocene (Massignano cave), the K-T boundary (at Fonte d'Olio), Serravaliian-Tortonian (Monte dei Corvi) and Burdiglian-Langhian (at La Vedova cliff).